Production Base

The main business of Sinochem Hebei fine chemicals sector is located in Hebei Cixian Coal Chemicals Industry Zone, including two companies which are Sinochem Hebei Fuheng Co.,LTD (Sinochen Fuheng) and Sinochem Hebei Xinbao Chemicals Technology Co.,LTD (Sinochem Xinbao). As the production base, they mainly manufacturing absorbing oil deep processing separation products and finechemcial products of absorbing oil industry chain.

Sinochem Fuheng was initially established in 1980, than developed a joint-venture enterprise in 1985 and formed the current Company by relocation in 2011. After many years of accumulation, the consolidation of industrial base further laid the foundation for future industrial expansion and upgrading. The factory has five production workshops, cooperated with Japanese and other international Leading company, deepening the wash oil and its downstream products to manufacture high valued pesticide, medicine and other fine chemical intermediates. The products are sold to Japanese, United States, Europe and other international markets. The production and sales volume of PDC, PPP, PCB, MEP, XNTC and other fine chemicals products are global leader.

Locating at Coal Chemical Industrial Zone in Cixian, Sinochem Hebei Xinbao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd is a joint-venture between Sinochem Hebei Corporation and Shanghai Sinbo Coal Energy Group Limited Company, which is held by Sinochem Hebei. Sinochem Xinbao is constructing the plant of wash oil further process with capacity of 50,000 tons per annum. This plant will fully take advantages of industrial chain of “coking-tar process-fine chemicals” and recycling mode of energy and resources inside the Zone, use the wash oil generated in the Zone as raw materials to produce a variety of high-valued chemicals as 1-methylnaphthalene, 2-methylnaphthalene, indole, quinoline, fluorene, acenaphthene, dibenzofuran, carbon black oil etc.