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Owning a province-recognized enterprise technical center and municipal engineering technology center, Sinochem Hebei R&D center has started a joint R&D labs with Shenyang Chemical Industry Research Institute and Japanese enterprises.

Founded in 2009, Sinochen Hebei R&D Center has a project development team with many technical professionals including experts who hold doctoral and/or masters degree. The center is equipped with advanced experiment analysis and inspection equipment such as gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, moisture titrator, potentiometric titrimeter, particle distribution analyzer, infrared spectrometer.

The center is undertaking the development of new products and technologies for Sinochem Hebei chemicals sector, focusing on wash oil deepening products.

The R&D center has also been improving its research capability by strengthening the cooperation with domestic and international universities and colleges as well as the communication with famous enterprises, and basically achieved technology and resources sharing with customers.

Currently, the center is focused on developing intermediates related with pharmaceuticals, pesticides, polymer materials, with a specialty in sulfonation, alkali fusion, chloride, aminolysis, the oxidation reaction and high pressure reactions.

Specifically, the center has a multi-functional workshop which allows large-scale validation tests of up to 2000 liters. With advantageous experimental conditions and testing equipments, the R&D center is capable of performing synthetic experiments for new prouct R&D at either gram, kilogram or tonnage grade.

Running for almost five yews and as the strategic fulcrum to serve the industry and trade mainbusiness, the center has accomplished 18 new techniques, 5 new products and 4 technological improvement projects.