Code Of Conducts

The way of being a person: honest, cooperative, and open to learn

The way of doing things: diligent, innovative and pursuing excellence


Abiding by laws and regulations as well as the company’s Articles of Association. Being loyal to the company’s value and business; protecting the company’s interest, withholding the company’s secret, guaranteeing the information’s authenticity, keeping commitment with the clients, treating every employee impartially .


Focusing on team target and aggregate interest, supporting, leading the team to accomplish the mission with the colleagues in your team as well as other teams; implementing no-boundary management, actively searching for the problems and solving the problem, actively communicating, listening to various opinions, winning with the clients.

Open to Learn

Acquiring information with open mind, learning technology and capabilities which could enhance the company’s value, good at learning other people’s experience, learning from twist and turns and improving your work.


Regarding the product’s quality as the company’s lifeline, setting up standardized process, strictly executing and monitoring the process to control to ever-changing environment, ensuring the work’s accuracy and quality, quick to act, optimizing the cost.


The change is the opportunity. Progressing with the passage of time, and innovate incessantly, introducing or even creating new concept, idea to interpret the environment and to solve the problem, making innovation on management approach to create management advantage .

Pursuing Excellence

Understanding and keeping in tune with the company’s strategy, setting up the working target which is consistent with the company’s strategy and challenging, working hard to fulfill the target, keep high morale for work, enhancing performance and outstripping the opponent.