Public Welfare

Boosting public welfare and make common progress with the society

Sinochem Hebei Co.,Ltd. follows the legal and ethical restrict, always been adhering to ‘dedication and return to society’ tenet, actively participates in social public welfare and promoting staff volunteers, guiding staff to set up the responsibility, gratitude and devotion of the outlook and values, supporting the construction of a harmonious society, serving and commonly progressing with the society by the sustainable development.

Poverty supporting-----actively responsing the counterpart support implementation policy by Sinochem Group. The Sinochem Group has been supporting GangBa city in Tibet since 2002, while Sinochem Hebei Col.,Ltd. appointed a manager to support there for six years, assisting for the infrastructure construction and science and technology training, helping local characteristic industry development, thus effectively improved the production and living conditions for local people, facilitated local economic development.

Charitable donations-----as a member of state-owned enterprise, Sinochem Group solves the problems for the state and people before catastrophes. Since 2006, staff of Sinochem Hebei Co.,Ltd. has been funding for 16 students of Pingshan Middle School and 15 students of Xibaipo Bayi Hope Primary School. Each year, all the leaders and employees actively involved in the donation held by provincial organs. Even during difficult period, Sinochem Hebei Co.,Ltd. is still adhering to fulfill the social responsibility and always remembering returning the society, positively involved in public welfare undertaking, stimulating industrial progress, assisting local development and realizing the benefits and interests with stakeholders.

Community public welfare----Sinochem Hebei Co.,Ltd. actively organizes and participates in tree planting and other forms of public service activities and community construction, making efforts to make more contributions.