Train System

Sinochem management faculty:

Sinochem management faculty was founded in 2001. Sinochem management faculty supports strategic development of each subsidiary, it sets spreading the company's corporate culture, and improving quality of employees as a goal, according to the company’s key training points, the company organizes career training as to key position staff, reserve talents and the backbone staff.

Sinochen Hebei has established a relatively perfect system of internal and external training as well as the support of the resources of management faculty. The company is to enrich and improve constantly according to the internal and external environment of the enterprise.

Current System of Training are as follows:

Senior manager training

Strategic training

Job-rotation training

Newly- appointed manager training

Reserve personnel skills upgrading training

Special skills training

New staff training


In 2004, Online learning platform (E-learning) puts into operation, Employees can use various network resources for personalized learning.